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ARTICLE: Whistleblowing - The Ongoing Dilemma of the Private Sector

“The purpose of whistleblowing is to expose secret and wrongful acts by those in power in order to enable reform.” [1] - Glenn Greenwald

ARTICLE - Whistleblowing, The Ongoing Di
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ARTICLE: WHISTLEBLOWING - The Ongoing Dilemma of the Private Sector

The significant work measurement of battling corruption, including the assurance of whistleblowers, has emerged as a hot topic of discussion in different universal gatherings over the previous decade. With the ascent in whistleblowing protests in India, the requirement for a strong legal system for the insurance of whistleblowers has picked up importance in the country.[2] Publicly known endeavours to wrestle with informant grumblings, in recorded worldwide organizations and banks, have made it to the first page of each driving paper and channel. Whistleblowing is a questionable yet socially significant subject of enthusiasm because of the effect it holds on the employees, organizations, and society as a whole. In this context, the aim behind the article is to coordinate information on whistleblowing with theoretical headways in the more extensive space of business morals and to propose a novel way to deal with research and practice occupied with this intricate marvel. The article further goes on to analyze whether the current legitimate system gives satisfactory lucidity and backing to organizations and whistleblowers, the same as in the administration and resolution of whistleblower complaints.


We live in the 21st Century and as of late, hierarchical virtuous anomie has developed in an interminable stream and good as well as moral issues have become the focal point of consideration in the practical and hypothetical circles. In the eighteenth century, British government official Burke famously said: “The only necessary condition for evil to win is that the good guys stand by.” [3] One of the most noticeably terrible issues confronting today's society is the continued division of business and morals particularly since developing deceptive business practices profoundly affect people and society overall. One method of causing to notice bad behaviours in business is through whistleblowing. Notwithstanding this, feelings on the position of whistleblowers are isolated. Some say that informants like whistleblowers are noble characters who make proficient and personal sacrifices to uncover hierarchical bad behaviour. Others suggest that whistleblowers are for the most part disgruntled employees who noxiously and carelessly blame individuals or associations they accept to have harmed them in any way.

One of the basic requirements of a person being accepted as a "whistleblower" is that his primary motive for the activity should be in furtherance of the public good.[4] To say, the activity has to be undertaken in the interest of the public, thereby exposing the illegal activities being carried out by a public organization or authority. The primary motivation for the action of a person to be called a "whistleblower" should be to cleanse an organization. It should not be incidental or byproduct for an action taken for some ulterior or selfish motive.[5]


The Whistle Blowers Act might be used by any individual to make an open intrigue divulgence. A correction to the previously mentioned Act was proposed as the Whistle Blowers Protection (Amendment) Bill, 2015 ("Amendment Bill").[6] The Amendment Bill looked to bury, alia, fuse important protections against revelations which may preferentially influence the power and integrity of the nation, security of the State, and so on. The Amendment Bill was not passed by the Rajya Sabha and thus, it didn't come into force yet.

Laws identifying with whistleblowing and security of informants are deficient in India. Notwithstanding, the Companies Act, 2013 sets down arrangements for whistleblowing and corporate administration in India and the disposal of misrepresentation by setting up satisfactory vigil systems. Section 206 to 229 of the Companies Act, 2013 sets forth laws identifying with Inspection, Inquiry, and Investigation fuse. Section 208 of the Act engages an Inspector to assess organization records and outfit any suggestions to direct examinations. The Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO), a legal body is made under Section 211 of the Act which has the ability to capture any individual for extortion in the organization. The reviewers have the obligation to answer to the Central Government in the event that they have the motivation to accept a misrepresentation submitted or being focused on the company.

Additionally, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has revised the Principles of Corporate Governance in 2003. Provision 49 of the Listing Agreement currently remembers the detailing of a whistleblower strategy for the Indian organizations. An organization may build up an instrument for representatives to report concerning untrustworthy conduct, real or associated extortion or infringement with the organization's set of accepted rules or morals strategy. Be that as it may, it is at present not obligatory for organizations to have a whistleblowing strategy set up in place.

There also exists various decisions of the Supreme Court of India wherein it holds the sanctity and as well discusses that protection to be provided to the whistleblowers, provided they satisfy the essentials of being one. In one of the case, it has laid down that if a person, who as a whistleblower, has tried to highlight the malfunctioning of an important institution established for dealing with cases involving revenue of the State then there is no reason to silence such person by invoking Articles 129 or 215 of the Constitution or the provisions of the Contempt of Courts Act, 1971.[7] Also, the name of the whistleblower, who makes disclosures or complaints in the public interest, should not be revealed and be victimized or harassed by any public authority.[8]

To a surprise in India, there are not many precedents which discuss or at the least upholds the existence or relevance of the Whistle Blower Protection Act. This puts forward the view that there exists a dire need for the applicability of a robust legal regime for the protection of whistleblowers. Also, the existing Act is only applicable to public servants. There is an absence of specific legislation applicable to the private employers in India.

However, shortcomings or misconduct in any organization may promptly lose the organization's generosity and capital. Thus, it is significant for each organization to have a whistleblowing strategy set up for both the association as well as for the employees of the organization. Keeping this in mind, few progressive companies have incorporated a whistleblower policy with a purpose to encourage employees, group of employees and in some cases even third parties, to report matters without the risk of subsequent victimization, discrimination or disadvantage.


A research published in the International Journal of Technology Policy and Law embarks to address the inquiry that - Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) replace whistleblowers in the private sector?

The answer to it is that Kafteranis Dimitrios, a faculty of Law at the University of Luxembourg, proposes that major mechanical advancements lately have changed essentially the way business runs and simultaneously they have made new ways for insiders to uncover misconduct in those organizations. Proof of wrongdoings by any employee can be gathered carefully and rapidly and the current specialized devices consider the practically immediate scattering of such data to administrative specialists, the media, and people in general.

The development of supposed man-made machine learning and artificial intelligence likewise now implies that the extraction of proof of misconduct in the organization by any employee may be mechanized. This could expel the informant like whistleblowers from the condition permitting issues to be hailed unmistakably more adequately and productively without making any one individual an objective for criticisms from those engaged with the wrongdoings. This could apply similarly to introduction to the board inside an organization or past the organization when it is simply the administration or the organization that is associated with the organizational misconduct. The research as it stands proposes that fake whistleblowing isn't sound, however, could be utilized to help a whistleblower in rep.[9]


Corporate industry in India has experienced exceptional changes as of late which request tremendous measure of capital ventures. The multifaceted nature of the corporate sector expanded with the Public-Private Partnership model presented in India, wherein the interests of the two partners and investors should be balanced. The developing multifaceted nature likewise came about out of wild dishonest practices that have shaken the economies over the world which brought about the investors losing trust in the troughs of their assets. This requires an investigation in the zone of Corporate Governance with unique reference to whistleblowing instruments.

The arrangement of corporate disappointments like Enron, Xerox, Satyam, Sahara and KingFisher, and so on, also brought about foreign financial specialists losing certainty. India being a developing economy needs enormous remote ventures to pour in, as the Indian government is taking a gander at MNC's, to give capital and specialized skill to subsidize the significant activities. The current examination expects to feature the significance of Corporate Governance standards as for whistleblowing systems and different guidelines for the powerful working of the organizations.[10]



In October 2013, Infosys consented to an $8 million settlement offer by a US government court after a previous IT supervisor with the firm documented an informant claim against it. The chief affirmed that he was sidelined and fraud by the company's top managers after he rejected an inner settlement offer. The scene demonstrated the requirement for exacting guidelines to secure whistleblowers. Thus, in 2014, Parliament affirmed the Whistle Blowers Protection Act.[11] The Infosys board at that point altered its vigil instrument in accordance with the new law that was set up.[12]

Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)

SEBI's ongoing attestation in the year 2019 expressed that it won't investigate ‘anonymous’ informants grievances and it is a colossal demoralization to informants who provide ‘personal’ data of the organization to the controller to help bring out corporate scandals. India has a helpless history in managing insider trading.[13] To improve achievement rates, the market controller as of late presented a tipping system. Sebi will grant up to ₹1 crore for data and fruitful activity against whistleblowers. It has likewise made a "participate and classification" component. This implies on the off chance that somebody who is liable of disregarding protection under the law is happy to aid the bigger test, the individual will be given an exception from the penal actions and their identity will be confidential.

Hindustan Computers Limited (HCL)

HCL has received whistleblowing strategy to provide appropriate avenues to the workers, temporary employees, customers, merchants, interior or external auditors, law implementation/administrative organizations or other outsiders to bring to the consideration of the administration on any issues which are seen to be in infringement or strife with the central business standards of the organization. The representatives are urged to raise any of their interests by the method of whistleblowing. All cases enlisted under the informant strategy of the organization are reported directly to the CEO of the (HCL, Corporate Governance Report 2009-10).[14]


“He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps perpetrate.” [15]- Martin Luther King

In the wake of doing an exceptional measure of research work in whistleblowing, it is right to infer that whistleblowing mechanism at Corporate India is unmistakable and the Companies give the most ideal condition to check upon outlandish practices and guarantee transparency in operations. There is a more noteworthy onus on managers to guarantee that the associations give positive and cordial conditions to the whistleblowers to react. A risk-free condition is required in the organization to get things done and give productive outcomes.

It is found from the investigation that the whistleblowing instrument works adequately just with the quality and backing of the administration. How much administration of any association underpins its representatives fluctuates from organization to organization.[16] While employees vigilance is expanding, and whistleblowers grievances are on the ascent, the law is on the way of dealing with such grumblings and ensuring whistleblowers is muddled and as yet in being created. Keeping that in mind, having a powerful whistle-blowing strategy set up is basic and as well the organizations need to be aware of the few subtleties which are associated with confining the whistleblowing strategies.

Author: Arpit Maheshwari (Partner) & Rachna Kumari

Date: 23.12.2020

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